Wonder Leaf MgS 25-50

Fertilizers for foliar nutrition

20 kg




20 kg


25% Magnesium oxide (MgO), water-soluble
50% Sulfur oxide (SO₃), water-soluble
0,03% Manganese (Mn)


Number of applications

Application rates

Corn 2 3-4 kg/ha
Fruit trees and shrubs 2-3 5-8 kg/ha
Potatoes, vegetables 2-4 3-4 kg/ha
Soybeans, legumes 2-3 3-4 kg/ha
Sugar beets 2-3 3-4 kg/ha
Sunflower 1-2 3-4 kg/ha
Winter and spring barley 2-3 3-4 kg/ha
Winter and spring rape 2-3 3-4 kg/ha
Winter and spring wheat 2-3 3-4 kg/ha

*Application rates are specified according to the general recommendations.


Has a microcrystalline form that dissolves quickly and completely
Increases stress resistance of plants, affects the content of chlorophyll in leaves, which contributes to the formation of lignin, which strengthens plant tissues
Magnesium and sulfur (in oxide form) are very well absorbed through the leaf surface of plants, even at low temperatures. Reduces the harmful effects of biuret in urea. Can heat water