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/11 July 2022

Сomplex foliar fertilizer?

Complex  foliar fertilizer for plant nutrition Wonder Leaf Red

An effective and fast source of nutrients in available form for plants. Components are easily absorbed and transported to plant tissues. 👌

✅The crystalline form is completely soluble in water, provides rapid penetration and the most effective plant nutrition.

Wonder Leaf Red is produced to resist the regulation of all elements shortage with the highest consumer index of element as Potassium.

👉10% Total Nitrogen
👉20% Phosphorus water soluble
👉30% Potassium water soluble
👉15% Sulfur water soluble
👉2% Boron

Used when fertigation with concentration 0.1-0.2%

The fertilizer is additionally enriched with sulfur for better nitrogen absorption. Large amount of potassium (about 3️⃣0️⃣%) helps to accumulate carbohydrates in plant cells.
This leads to increasing of osmotic pressure of cell sap, which raises plants frost resistance and cold resistance.
✅Reduces transpiration and helps plants to survive in drought periods.
✅ Intensify sugar synthesis (accumulation of monosaccharides), high molecular weight hydrocarbons (cellulose, starch, pectin, etc.).

The presence of boron is associated with the following functions of main processes in the plant:
1. Carbohydrate metabolism and sugar transfer across membranes;
2. Synthesis of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and phytohormones;
3. Tissue development (expected to participate as a transfer agent)
4. Growth and respiration regulation

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Wonder Leaf Red
  • Form: Crystalline
  • Packaging: 25 kg


Total Nitrogen



Phosphorus pentoxide water soluble



Potassium oxide water soluble



Sulfur trioxide water soluble



Total Boron trioxide

Your future harvest in this package!

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