About Our Company

About Our Company

Knowledge. Innovations. Enthusiasm. Hard Work.

These are our fundamental principles that prompt us to move forward constantly! We are committed in our costumers and we execute our work with more excitement every single day. 


We share our expertise in growing and getting the most from any crop within the available resources.

Wonder is:

Always new products

We make only those fertilizers that we are proud of. At the heart of WONDER products - quality raw materials from the world's best manufacturers. We take into account the specifics of any soil, their need for macro-and micronutrients.

A team of professionals

The success of the company is the result of joint actions of everyone. For two years we have formed a team of specialists, where the employee is positive and interested in the final result. It is important to us that the fertilizer is of the highest quality, and the customer who is our partner, absolutely satisfied.

Quality harvest

WONDER products are aimed at improving the quality of the crop: we carefully take into account the peculiarities of nutrition of certain crops, their need for macro-and micronutrients at different stages of the growing season.

Quality guarantee

Fertilizer production process is automated, and the quality of the product is confirmed in a modern laboratory by qualified chemists.