Wonder Leaf Mono Ca 14

Fertilizers for foliar nutrition

20 l, 1000 l


Liquid fertilizer


20 l, 1000 l


14% Water-soluble calcium (CaO)
8% Nitrogen total, (N)
2% Water-soluble magnesium (MgO)
1,43 kg / l Density
Additionally contains B, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn and adhesive.


Phases and rates of fertilizer application

Fruit trees and shrubs before flowering 2-3 l/ha during the fall of flower petals 2-3 l/ha 2 weeks after flowering 2-3 l/ha

*Application rates are specified according to the general recommendations.


When applied by foliar application, the drug is a source of calcium for plants and fruits, since this chemical element has a weak ability to move from the root system
Improves fruit properties (storage, firmness and color) and increases plant resistance to pests and diseases