Wonder Leaf Mono Mo 3

Fertilizers for foliar nutrition

20 l, 1000 l


Liquid fertilizer


20 l, 1000 l


4,3% Vegetable amino acids
3% Molybdenum, water-soluble (Mo)
0,5% Boron (B), water-soluble
0,5% Water-soluble zinc (Zn)
15% Organic acids
1,15 kg/l Density
Contains phytohormones, polysaccharides and adhesive


Phases and rates of fertilizer application

Corn 4-6 leaves 0.2-0.5 l/ha 8-10 leaves 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Fruit trees and shrubs before flowering 0.2-0.5 l/ha during the fall of flower petals 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Potatoes closure of rows 0.2-0.5 l/ha budding 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Soybeans, legumes before flowering 0.3-0.8 l/ha after flowering 0.3-08 l/ha
Sugar beets 4-8 leaves 0.2-0.5 l/ha 10-12 leaves 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Sunflower 4-6 leaves 0.2-0.5 l/ha 8-10 leaves 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Vegetable 2-3 weeks after planting seedlings 0.2-0.5 l/ha before flowering 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Winter and spring cereals tillering 0.2-0.5 l/ha before shooting 0.2-0.5 l/ha
Winter and spring rape formation of a leaf rosette 0.3-0.6 l/ha stem formation 0.3-0.6 l/ha

*Application rates are specified according to the general recommendations.


Activates the activity of bacteria on legumes, regulates carbon and phosphorus metabolism
An important component of nitrogen synthesis
Participates in the synthesis of chlorophyll and vitamins