Wonder Leaf MgS 16-32

Fertilizers for foliar nutrition

25 kg




25 kg


16% Magnesium oxide (MgO), water-soluble
32% Sulfur oxide (SO₃), water-soluble
0,007% Manganese (Mn)


Number of applications

Application rates

Corn 2 5-10 kg / ha
Fruit trees and shrubs 2-3 5-12 kg / ha
Potatoes, vegetables 2-4 5-10 kg / ha
Soybeans, legumes 2-3 5-10 kg / ha
Sugar beets 2-3 5-10 kg / ha
Sunflower 1-2 5-10 kg / ha
Winter and spring barley 2-3 5-10 kg / ha
Winter and spring rape 2-3 5-10 kg / ha
Winter and spring wheat 2-3 5-10 kg / ha

*Application rates are specified according to the general recommendations.


Fully water-soluble high-quality product that dissolves quickly in water without sediment and is suitable for use in all foliar feeding and irrigation systems
Participates in the fight against oxidative processes, promotes the accumulation of essential oils, starch and sugars, as well as improves the flowering process and the intensity of fruiting
The chemical properties of magnesium sulfate increase the effect of nitrogen assimilation, which significantly improves the effect of nitrogen fertilizers. Eliminates the harmful effects of biuret in urea. Can heat water