Wonder Soil NKS 6-42-18

Special power supply

500 kg


Granules of 3-5 mm not less than 90%


500 kg


6% Ammonia nitrogen (N)
42% Potassium oxide (K₂O), water-soluble
18% Sulfur oxide (SO₃), water-soluble


Phases and rates of fertilizer application

Corn 100-180 kg/ha
Potatoes, vegetables 120-250 kg/ha
Soybeans, legumes 100-180 kg/ha
Sugar beets 120-250 kg/ha
Sunflower 120-200 kg/ha
Winter and spring barley 100-200 kg/ha
Winter and spring rape 120-250 kg/ha
Winter and spring wheat 100-200 kg/ha

*Application rates are specified according to the general recommendations.


In addition to essential nutrients, it contains sulfur, which promotes protein synthesis and provides a number of redox processes
This fertilizer can be applied in various climatic conditions that allows to use it on any types of soils for the main, sowing application, and also for feeding of plants
The use of potassium promotes better development of the root system, increase plant immunity to fungal diseases, as well as adverse weather conditions