Wonder Soil NS 21-24

Special power supply

500 kg


Round granules of 2-5 mm


500 kg


21% Ammonium nitrogen content (NH₄)
24% Sulfur content S (SO₃-60%), water-soluble


Phases and rates of fertilizer application

Corn 200-400 kg/ha
Fruit trees and shrubs 300-400 kg/ha
Potatoes, vegetables 200-400 kg/ha
Soybeans, legumes 100-300 kg/ha
Sugar beets 300-400 kg/ha
Sunflower 200-400 kg/ha
Winter and spring barley 100-300 kg/ha
Winter and spring rape 200-400 kg/ha
Winter and spring wheat 100-300 kg/ha

*Application rates are specified according to the general recommendations.


Depending on soils and climatic conditions provides a yield increase of up to 20%, while eliminating the lack of nitrogen and sulfur in plant nutrition
Is an excellent source of sulfur nutrition, and provides high agronomic and economic efficiency of cultivation
Increases the resistance of crops to lodging, disease and pests