Wonder Soil PH UP

Special power supply

1000 kg


Round granules of 2-5 mm


1000 kg


99,5% Total mass fraction of calcium carbonates (CaCO3) and magnesium (MgCO3)
56,08% Neutralizing ability, in terms of CaO
9,3 pH

Application rates to increase soil pH by 1

Type of soil Application rate at the depth of the limed soil profile
25 cm 15 cm 10 cm
Sandy and loamy 600 kg/ha 360 kg/ha 240 kg/ha
Light and medium loams 1000 kg/ha 600 kg/ha 400 kg/ha
Heavy loam and clay 1250 kg/ha 750 kg/ha 500 kg/ha

Granulated limestone WONDER soil PH UP is an ameliorant fertilizer made of very finely ground calcium carbonate (<150 μm). The product is designed to quickly increase the pH level and can be used on all types of soils and for all types of agricultural crops. Granular lime can be applied in small doses annually or once every two years.

Efficiency of NPK assimilation, depending on soil pH
рН 4.5 рН 5.0 рН 5.5 рН 6.0 рН 6.5
N 30% 43% 77% 89% 100%
P2O2 23% 31% 48% 52% 100%
K2O 33% 52% 77% 100% 100%

*Norms of application are specified according to the general recommendations.