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And the Earth is proud

Ukrainian manufacturer of a wide range of complex fertilizers, microfertilizers and highly concentrated organo-mineral fertilizers based on high quality amino acids. We use only modern technologies and raw materials from the world’s leading suppliers.

WONDER has been operating on the agricultural market of Ukraine since 2020. The company specializes in production of high – quality foliar fertilizers, that always meet customers’ needs. Our main suppliers are the leading players on the fertilisers market from Germany, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Portugal etc.


Over the last century, humanity has taken a significant step forward. We overcame many diseases, accelerated the transfer of information from horses to the Internet, sank to the bottom of the ocean and visited the moon.

Encouraged by success, humanity began to multiply. Some believe that the Earth will give us not enough food and we will have to flee into space. We think otherwise.

Instead of looking to distant planets and galaxies, we need to look at the Earth that gave us life and take care of it wisely.

We are confident that with the right care, future harvests will be able to feed all of humanity. We believe that the Earth does not need a miracle, the Earth needs a Wonder.

And the Earth is proud.




We strive to become the №1 brand among fertilizers in the world.

This means that there must be at least one WONDER-grown product on every table on this planet.


Our product is modern fertilizers of high quality. This is a balanced diet for plants.


Farmers do not like to understand the new.


We always increase the harvest!


We do not leave the client alone with their problems.


We produce fertilizers from the best raw materials and use only modern technologies.

Certified products

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Partners are our customers and suppliers, whom we care about and who determine our path.

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