Mineral Nutrition of Crops. Fertilizers For Foliar Feeding

Mineral nutrition of plants


Today, winter oilseed rape is one of the most profitable crops and is a good precursor in crop rotation. To obtain a high yield, it is necessary to follow a clear technology of growing this crop.

Grain crops

The yield and grain quality of winter cereals depend on the provision of plants with nutrients throughout the growing season.


Corn is one of the most demanding plants for soil fertility and their availability of available nutrients, so it needs much higher rates of fertilizer than other cereals. Throughout the growing season, corn forms a large number of main and by-products, so it consumes significant amounts throughout the growing season.


To obtain good seedlings of this culture, it is necessary to properly cultivate the soil to retain maximum moisture. Compared to cereals, sunflower has a long period of absorption of nutrients (especially potassium), so it requires a significant dose of fertilizer.


One of the important factors influencing the increase in soybean productivity is the use of mineral fertilizers. And soybeans can meet most of the nitrogen needs (50% to 70%) due to symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Potato and tubers

Potatoes have a shallow and underdeveloped root system. This limits its ability to consume nutrients from large amounts of soil and at the same time is characterized by increased requirements for nutrients needed for high yields. Therefore, potatoes need a significant supply of sufficient nutrients.

Sugar-beet and root crops

In the system of sugar beet feeding there are the following stages of fertilizer application - under plowing, sowing and fertilization between rows, before closing the rows. It is worth remembering that the bulk of mineral fertilizers should be applied in the fall for plowing.

Fruit trees

In today's conditions, apple and pear are grown in intensive gardens, which are characterized by dense planting, early fruiting and the formation of high and high quality crops. A balanced, well-thought-out fertilizer system is needed to provide trees with the right amount of nutrients and at the right time.

Vegetable crops

Today, vegetable crops are one of the most common crops. To obtain a high yield, it is necessary to follow a clear technology for growing this crop.

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