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/11 July 2022

Highly concentrated boron fertiliser?

Have you seen how much Boron is there in Wonder Leaf Pink?🙀

It is a highly concentrated boron fertiliser that increases the yield of all crops, increases winter hardiness of winter crops and accelerates the ripening of fruit.

Highly soluble crystalline form makes its usage and storage easier🤗

The fertiliser contains as much as 20% of high quality water-soluble boron, which promotes the growth and development of meristem tissue. In case of a severe deficiency of this chemical element, the growth points of both apex and lateral pagons will die off🌾🌿

So prevent boron deficiency with Wonder Leaf Pink.

For more information about Wonder Leaf Pink and other Wonder products,

contact the Wonder manager via phone number +38 067 0000 304🏷

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Wonder Leaf Pink
  • Form: Crystalline water soluble
  • Packaging: 20 kg



Your future harvest in this package!

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