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/26 September 2022

Harvest resistant to negative factors

Do you know what the role of manganese as of a micronutrient is? 🤔

We know that this micronutrient is very important, so we developed Wonder Leaf Mono Mn 11 fertilizer.
It quickly absorbs, affects growth processes, increases resistance to adverse factors, improves fruiting💪🤗

This fertilizer will also help to avoid diseases such as leaf chlorosis, which develops with a lack of manganese😊
Manganese is responsible for such important processes as chloroplast formation, photosynthesis, metabolic features of nitric oxide and synthesis of some enzymes🌿

It takes active part in photosynthesis, respiration, metabolism processes.
During redox reactions, it becomes a part of 10 groups of active enzymes (arginase, phosphotransferase, etc.)🙀

To find more information about Wonder Leaf Mono Mn 11 and other Wonder products, contact our manager🖊🌿

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